Ren Shigawa


December 31st, 2011, 4:50 am

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Ren Shigawa Ren Shigawa
Age: 17 yrs old
Hair: Dark Red ~ Eyes: Green
Height: 5'1 ~ Weight: 130
Birthday: Dec 29, 1994
Favorite Food: Chillies 
Likes: games, furry things, technology, soft cuddly stuff
Dislikes: talking to people, cracked games, untidy places
A hikikomori for 1 and a half years, due to shyness. Developed a passion for gaming.
I am hikikomori too. : D And I like furry things! ~ OwO
^^ @Yu Suzukei: this comics first comment, I'm loving you so much right now... thank you ^^

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